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 Syntax's Developer Application (Ingame)

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PostSubject: Syntax's Developer Application (Ingame)   Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:54 am

Hey, I haven't received any other information on this, but... I just quit doing SQL development. I'm now doing more in-game development as in, malls, stairevents, mazes, and what not. I will post my old application into this one. Thanks.

1.Name: My name is Dylan. (I'm sure you don't need my actual full name, haha.)

2.Realm Applying for: Soulshard.

3.Age: 16

4.Gender: Male (All though my toons are females.)

5.any Fluent Languages: If you mean by Database, I only know LUA.

6.Core Preference: ArcEMU. (I'm willing to work with Trinity aswell)

7.Do you own a working microphone? Yes, I do. I also have skype.

8.Years of experience with MySQL/SQL: I spent three years on making an ArcEMU server become a 255 funserver, I make my own LUA scripts/etc.

9.Do you know how to DbcEdit? Sadly, I don't know how to edit DBC. My friend will be teaching me it very soon!

10.Why do you think you would be a good addition to the Soulshard Dev team? I think I'll be a -well- decision for my in-game building skills, I can show you screenshots of what I've built and LUA scripted such as; Jukebox, Teleporter, Tele Stone, Revive Stone, Anti-PVP Guardians, World Bosses. (SCRIPTED WITH SPELLS!)

11.Tell us a bit about yourself and add in anything else you would like us to know: Well, I started playing on a server called "Echeloned WoW" I first looked around seeing who could help me with the basics, I came along this Administrator "Tusker The Great". He taught on how to GPS Build. (Global Standing Position) building! I played for a year and I got better at building, I started adding DooDADS and small things that could spice up the area, I made a mall out of just houses, trees, rocks, furniture, detailed grass, bushes, ferns, so many amazing things. Then... Blizzard the asshats decided to spy on us and our progress. We had stolen Cataclysm Beta Objects, such as Skywall, Halls of Orginiation, Goblin houses, Worgen houses, Worgen morphs, goblin morphs... Our beloved owner was threatened.. if he didn't shut down the server he would be taken to court and sued for not shutting down the server, the server collapsed, a new server was built. Same core, same everything but this time on Cataclysm 4.0.6 Patch. It was called Project Defiance. (Renamed cause Project Defiance was a project Blizzard was working on) The owner was different, staff members were different.. all that stuff. It renamed to Divinity-X. Anyways, I'm a really nice builder. I know when to spawn and how to spawn it exactly. I never crash the server, I can import SQLs such as; NPCS, Quests, Objects, Items, anything you wish for me to add in. (I'll also try to get you a custom patch to have 25,000 objects! This will make me spice it up a LOT more than usual.) I also love making Obstacle Courses, I made "The Stairway to Heaven" it was a stair only course, it went up and up... took a total of 26 minutes of stairclimbing to complete. I've created many others like. "Kiddy Course", "Intermediate Course", "Master's Course", "Grandmaster's Course", "OMFG WTF ARE YOU FLY HACKING Course" Thanks for taking time on reading this. ~Syntax Error
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PostSubject: Re: Syntax's Developer Application (Ingame)   Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:30 pm

Good luck you seems really experiance, Fluent language ┬┤means for example if talk speak spanish fluent or english. DBC isnt very hard to learn, i've been an Developer before on amny servers, but i've stopt with that, but from that, you seems to be an nice guy too,

Good luck mate Smile
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Syntax's Developer Application (Ingame)
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